Thursday, June 11, 2009

Database Change Management

Preface: I am not a DBA. I'm a software developer, document imaging architect, build system and continuous integration implementer. I use databases to store, query, and retrieve information, and I'm a bigot against stored procedures (unless used as a performance enhancement tool with a non-sproc version already implemented, or it really is too complicated to do outside a sproc).

For those curious, I promised several people I would write up an open-source Data Profiler comparison blog, but I do not feel confident I have put in enough time for this yet.

Open Source Database Change Management

There isn't a lot out there. - LGPL - LGPL - INACTIVE

edit: - WbSchemaDiff, WbDataDiff commandline

One of the wishlist items here:

* Both the active are full featured.
* Both will handle change management well.
* Liquibase seems to have a larger integration-point base (maven, eclipse, etc)
* Neither have an adequate/sufficient UI that would be considered 'quality and usable by a DBA/non-programmer'. Yes, I'm a programmer, but I don't want to program EVERYTHING unless there is a reason for flexibility/customizability.

That's about all I have to say about this subject. The commercial tools still have a strong presence here (i.e. RedGate), as there aren't many alternatives.

For now, I still use old school database viewer/sql tools to extract the DDL and data value changes. The tool I use a lot is for this functionality, but I do hope for the above to mature and improve.


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